Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment

CPST Services, also known as Case Management Services, are provided by Community Rehabilitation Specialists (CRS). These providers work collaboratively with the clients, family members and other support persons, and other community partners to provide community-based rehabilitation services focused on the identification of strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences in an effort to remove barriers to identified goals.

Services available include assessment, treatment planning, crisis management, coordination of community resources and skill building activities to assist individuals to live in the community.

The majority of CPST services are provided by our Regional CPST Teams. Additionally, there are specialty teams to address specific client needs including three Assertive Community Treatment Teams, Forensic and Mental Health Court Services, and Homeless Outreach Services.

Forensic Services

Community Support Services provides a comprehensive community-based Forensic Mental Health program with the emphasis on ensuring continuity of care for an individual from the point of a legal finding by the court of Incompetent to Stand Trial or Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, and one’s release to the community on Conditional Release (CR) status. CR provides continuity of care and aids each individual to make a successful transition from the more restrictive hospital setting to the lesser restrictive environment of the community while still under the court’s jurisdiction.

The goal of the program is to provide intensive behavioral health services for forensic clients in the least restrictive setting that is consistent with their treatment, the public safety, and the welfare of the individual. It provides forensic clients with intensive supports to ensure psychiatric stability, assists them to achieve maximum independence, monitors their progress, and reports the individuals’ status to the courts.

Mental Health Court

The Mental Health Court program is a specialized service within the Forensic services provided by Community Support Services. It was developed to divert Summit County adults with serious and persistent mental illness, who have been charged with misdemeanors, from the jail and criminal justice system. This program offers a therapeutically jurisprudent approach to support a psychiatrically stable and crime-free lifestyle. The Mental Health Court program addresses the unique needs of the mentally ill in our criminal justice system. The Mental Health Court is a cooperative effort between Community Support Services, the County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board, the Akron Municipal Court, the Stow Municipal Court, and the Barberton Municipal Court. The three Mental Health Courts are separate and unique programs. Defendants receive case management, psychiatric, vocational, and residential services as deemed appropriate. These services are provided in conjunction with the defendant, family members, probation office, and the city of Akron, the city of Stow Municipal Courts, and the city of Barberton Municipal Courts.

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