The Employment/Vocational Services of Community Support Services are designed to provide work experience opportunities and assistance to individuals in choosing to work. As part of a comprehensive community support system, other needed services, such as case management, residential, and psychiatric services can be coordinated and utilized to increase the employment success of participants.

These services provide a way for individuals to recognize and build on their strengths, needs, and abilities and identify ways to get and keep a job. Utilizing Supported Employment Evidence Based Practices, individuals can be quickly placed in competitive jobs with on-going supports in place indefinitely. The integration of mental health treatment and employment services is critical to an individual’s success in a job.

The goal of employment services is to help move the person to their maximum level of employability that is consistent with their strengths, needs, abilities, and stated preferences.

Pathways II/VRP3

Pathways II/VRP3 is a vocational rehabilitation program at Community Support Services that allows individuals to access employment services more quickly and assists individuals in obtaining competitive or supported employment. Pathways authorizes employment services utilizing funding from the ADM Board of Summit County and the State of Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission (RSC).

Recovery To Work

Recovery To Work is a vocational rehabilitation program in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (ODADAS) which provides treatment and employment services to drug addicted individuals who have an employment goal. Funding from the ADM Board of Summit County and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation Services Commission is utilized.

Work Tech

Work Tech provides employment services to individuals when authorized by the various RSC vocational rehabilitation programs. Work Tech does not charge a fee to employers or to our participants. We have been consistently successful at assisting employers in finding qualified candidates for over 20 years. Work Tech recommends qualified candidates to fill job openings and provides on-going supports as needed for continued success. Contacting us could be the first step you take to fill a job opening. And, it may be the only step you need to take.

Work Tech offers local businesses time savings, increased productivity, increased profits, and fewer hiring hassles.

To Reach Work Tech, call 330.253-9675

Peer Support Worker Internship & Work Experience

Peer Support Worker Internship & Work Experience is a program funded by RSC and the ADM Board of Summit County to train consumers of mental health services to be Peer Support Workers within the mental health system in Summit County. Consumers are referred for these positions through the various RSC vocational rehabilitation programs. Consumers are provided with a six-month internship in selected areas including the Margaret Clark Morgan Primary Clinic at Community Support Services, the Summit County Jail, the Community Support Services lobby, and with regional and specialized case management teams. A Job Coach works closely with the workers during their internship.

Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities

Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities (MBIWD) allows individuals receiving SSDI to try-out work and maintain Medicaid for medical coverage while paying minimal or no spend down. This program is administered under the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). The employment staff can assist with applying for this benefit.

Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work (TTW) is a work incentive program for individuals with disabilities receiving SSDI or SSI benefits to explore work options and maintain their benefits until they are able to support themselves.

Employment/Vocational FAQs

How do I make a referral to Employment services?
Making a referral to Employment Services is easy! 330.253-9675 ext. 415. Brief information will be obtained about the person being referred for employment services.

After the referral is submitted, how long before a person actually begins services?
Generally, the person will begin the initial steps of services the following week.

How do I know when someone is ready to pursue work?
If the person expresses an interest in working, and they are progressing well in their treatment, we suggest a referral to Employment Services. The Employment Staff will meet with the person and help make the determination if now is the best time to pursue work.

Will a person always lose their Social Security and Medicaid benefits upon start of work?
No! Regardless if the person is on SSI and/or SSDI, there are many options available to keep the person either on or immediately eligible for a return to any of these options. We offer a Benefits Management service to fully explore options and provide an explanation of each person's individual status.

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