Trustworthy Again...Henry's Story 

Posted by Kim Meals Jul 07, 2015
For many years, Henry struggled with his mental illness. He shared he didn’t take his medications as prescribed. He mentioned he was always in trouble with the law. He often would use alcohol and marijuana. In 2012, Henry was fighting with law... Read More

Celebrating 10 Years of CET!  

Posted by Cassie Di'Antonio Jun 01, 2015
Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET), an innovative program offered at Community Support Services (CSS) for individuals with schizophrenia and related disorders, promotes brain and social development. This program teaches participants about mental... Read More

2015 Award Winners 

Posted by Kim Meals May 04, 2015
On April 22, 2015, Community Support Services proudly recognized four entities in our community who help to support the mission of the organization. Community Services Award - Akron Barber College, Inc. In 2015, it is expected more than 500... Read More

The Engagement Team: Story of Intervention 

Posted by Cassie Di'Antonio Apr 27, 2015
By: Ragan Leff, Crisis/Engagement/FACT Supervisor The referral came in an email as it usually does from one of the agency's regional case management teams. She, we will call her Joan, had been a client for years and at times would not keep her... Read More

ADM Recovery Challenge  

Posted by Cassie Di'Antonio Apr 13, 2015
The road to recovery is not always an easy one, and that is why the Summit County ADM board is challenging you to join in this years Subway Series 5K obstacle course. Filled with running/walking, climbing, crawling, balancing, and maneuvering your... Read More

Fostering the Creative Spirit 

Posted by Kim Meals Apr 07, 2015
Walking through the halls of Community Support Services, you will note many paintings, drawings, and other art completed by clients of the agency. In an effort to foster the creative spirit in the organization while also providing another avenue of... Read More

The Road to Indepedence 

Posted by Cassie Di'Antonio Apr 01, 2015
Clients of Community Support Services (CSS) all have a different story to tell. One client of CSS who has been with the agency for about 4 years, decided to share some of her story. When Elizabeth first came to Akron from Cincinnati, she was... Read More

Supported Employment Success  

Posted by Cassie Di'Antonio Mar 30, 2015
Community Support Services (CSS) provides supported employment services to individuals who have expressed a desire to work and can benefit from job placement assistance and job supports. Supported employment (SE) is an evidence-based practice that... Read More

Someone From Maintenance, Please Call Extension 123 

Posted by Cassie Di'Antonio Feb 25, 2015
“Someone from Maintenance, please call extension 123.” These are familiar words that are heard daily over the intercom in our buildings, but just who are these mystery “maintenance personnel?” With five CSS buildings to maintain and issues to... Read More

Client Success 

Posted by Cassie Di'Antonio Feb 25, 2015
An important part of helping those who deal with severe and persistent mental illness is understanding and listening to the things they have been through in their life and working to help them succeed. Each client has their own story and many are... Read More
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