If you walk the halls at the agency, you will notice many paintings, drawings and other art pieces created by clients in our art therapy program. CSS has been offering art therapy since 2015, in group and individual settings.

Art therapy offers clients a creative outlet to express ideas that may be difficult to put into words. Art therapy participants use artistic mediums, the creative process, and resulting artwork to: explore feelings; reconcile emotional conflicts; foster self-awareness; manage behavior and addiction; develop social skills; improve reality orientation; reduce anxiety; and increase self-esteem. 

Hear from Art Therapy Participants:

“I’ve been in the art therapy group for 3 months now. I came here with no motivation due to lack of self confidence in completing a project. Another one of my issues is that I would rush to complete a project. As the weeks progressed, I started some challenging projects that I felt it was impossible to do. With the support of Lacy and the group I had the motivation to try a challenging project. As I completed more projects I began to build self-confidence and motivation to tackle any project. So now I feel that I have gained self-confidence through the art therapy group. I really think this is an awesome group and we need this at CSS.”

CSS accepts in-kind donations of items our clients use during Art Therapy. To learn what you can contribute, visit our In-Kind Donations page.

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Art Therapy