Mission Statement

Community Support Services: Helping you achieve a healthy mind and body while supporting you to live and work in your community.

Vision Statement

Building communities of hope where mental and physical health are treated equally.

Established in 1988, Community Support Services annually provides healthcare and hope for more than 3,000 individuals living with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

Community Support Services strives to offer innovative and life-changing treatments including case management, supported employment, supported housing, assertive community treatment (ACT), integrated physical and behavioral care, counseling, and other wellness promoting services.

Last year, Community Support Services provided life changing services to more than 3,100 individuals in Summit County living with mental illnesses.

Community Support Services embraces the recovery model in its array of services. It is a partnership between you and the agency as we work together to determine your strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.

In 2018, Community Support Services was again accredited, by CARF, for a period of three years for all of its programs.  CARF is an independent, nonprofit accrediting body whose mission is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process centered on enhancing the lives of the persons served.

Recovery Definition

Recovery is the continuous process of empowering an individual so he or she may live a satisfying and contributing life. It is a shared responsibility among the individual, the treatment staff, family, friends, and the community to:

  • Discover or rediscover strengths and abilities
  • Pursue personal goals
  • Develop a sense of Self-Identify that allows the person to grow beyond his or her diagnosis

Ten Essential Components of Recovery