Klein’s Pharmacy, a local family owned and operated pharmacy, opened on site at Community Support Services in 2008.

The partnership with Klein’s Pharmacy makes it easier to have medications filled immediately as well as provides assistance with insurance, medication adherence, and options for persons without insurance.


Klein’s Pharmacy staff assist clients and caregivers of clients of Community Support Services navigate the insurance maze.

Insurance verification can be conducted immediately. Klein’s Pharmacy works with clients who have Community Support Services as a representative payee to ensure medication co-pays are addressed.

Medication Adherence

Doc-u-Dose, an easy-to-use medication packaging solution, helps dispense the right dose of the right medication at the right time of the day. Medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, are placed in the packets based on the time, day, day of week, and day of month the medications should be taken.The Doc-u-Dose program helps to improve medication adherence.

Additionally, Klein’s Pharmacy will make reminder phone calls to clients when refills are needed. If a client forgets to pick-up their medications, the pharmacy is able to contact the case manager at Community Support Services.

Clinical Services

Klein’s Pharmacy also offers counseling on medication side effects and checks for drug interactions. The pharmacists can demonstrate proper use of inhalers.

As Klein’s Pharmacy is co-located with Community Support Services Margaret Clark Morgan Integrated Care Clinic, there can be regular consultation among the pharmacists, the psychiatrists, and the primary care physicians to address any medication related concerns.

No-Insurance Options

Klein’s Pharmacy also works with clients of the agency who do not have insurance or have yet to be approved for insurance. The pharmacy accepts and often has available manufacturers’ drug coupons to help cover the cost of the medication. Klein’s Pharmacy manages the Central Pharmacy program, which can provide a supply of psychiatric medications for persons without insurance.

For clients who are released from the Summit County Jail, Klein’s Pharmacy will provide four days of mental health medication at no charge to the client.