Crisis Intervention

Life can be difficult and Community Support Services understands the challenges you face. If you or someone you love is experiencing a challenge or crisis, we want to help. All communities in Summit County have police officers and other first responders trained in how to respond to mental health emergencies.

You can call and request a Crisis Intervention Trained (CIT) officer.

During agency hours (M-F, 8:30 am – 5 pm), call 330-253-9388 for support.

For emergency services or support outside of agency hours, call:
Psychiatric Emergency Services – 330-762-6110
Help available 24/7 for psychiatric emergencies.

Support Hotline – 330-434-9144
Free, confidential crisis and suicide hotline.

Service Coordination

CSS partners with the Akron Police Department to connect with individuals in crisis. Interventions are also coordinated with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and other police departments. CSS social workers join officers for follow-up outreach after a call for police support. The social worker will assess the mental health and other needs of the individual and can arrange for further assistance.