Behind the Scenes Look at Performance Improvement

Authored by: Rebecca Thompson, Performance Improvement Specialist

5 Things Performance Improvement Does to Ensure Quality

When you think of Performance Improvement and Compliance (PIC), what first comes to your mind?For some, compliance can bring about feelings of panic and uncertainty.At Community Support Services, Inc., The PIC program has a meaningful and planned approach, intended to monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of clinical, administrative and support services.This on-going monitoring process helps to ensure that effective, efficient and high quality care is provided and access to our services is barrier free.Ultimately, all PIC program efforts are focused to improve service provision and recovery opportunities.

There are five key areas that the Performance Improvement and Compliance team concentrates on to ensure quality:

Determine and plan objective and meaningful indicators for agency programs and services

If you can’t measure it, then you can’t change it!  The Performance and Improvement Plan for 2015 consists of more than 150 planned indicators.  These indicators are selected based on program fidelity models, best practice methods, and agency/program accreditation and monitoring requirements.  The PIC committee evaluates these planned indicators annually and new ones are added as needed.

Collect data, compile results, and monitor processes

Each quarter, data for each of the planned indicators is gathered; results are collected and reported to one of nine PIC Sub-Committees.  These committees continually monitor reported outcomes and results. If warranted, corrective/preventive action plans are created or existing ones are revised to promote improvement and to assist in achieving the desired goal.

Share Information

It’s very important to the agency’s Performance Improvement initiatives to get the right data, in the right format, at the right time, and in the right hands.  This is achieved in several ways.  First, each PIC Sub-Committee meets on a quarterly basis.  Then, the meeting information is shared in a timely manner with Program Directors/Supervisors and service providers as appropriate.  Issues requiring further action are presented at the end-of-the-quarter PIC Committee meeting.  Quarterly results are also posted internally for all staff members.  Awareness of our successes, as well as the need for improvement in specific areas, is a critical first step in promoting positive change and improvement agency-wide.

Maintain knowledge of funding and accreditation guidelines, as well as state and federal regulations and how changes impact agency service provision and PIC monitoring processes.

The PIC department works closely with other administrative departments to keep informed on industry changes affecting service delivery, funding, and federal, state and local compliance.  During 2015, efforts to collaborate with the Information Technology department were started to assist in the implementation of The Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS), a set of standardized performance measures for the health care industry created by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Identify opportunities at all levels to improve efficiency and service delivery.

During Performance Improvement and Compliance reviews, work flow processes are identified and if needed, suggestions for improvements are made to increase efficiency.  As services change and programming increases at CSS, so does the need for staff development and training.  The PIC Department works with The Staff Training and Education Committee to determine and provide relevant agency-wide training. In addition, the PIC department participates in the early development stage of new programs to determine appropriate measures and methods for baseline reviews.  

Whether you are a member of the community, stakeholder, staff person, or person receiving services, The Performance Improvement and Compliance department would like you to know that we implement a compliance program absent of hesitation.It is a welcomed opportunity for us to encourage improvement agency wide, and to be accountable and responsible in the services we provide.