Dr. Schwartz receives Ed Kaufman Award!

Authored by: Community Support Services

Since 1995, Dr. Schwartz has been with Community Support Services as a Staff Psychiatrist.  Since she began with the agency, she has demonstrated compassion and expertise in her practice with older adults.  Recently, she was recognized by VANTAGE Aging, formerly Mature Serivces for her efforts to improve the quailty of life for these individuals.  

Ed Kaufmann Leadership in Aging Award

In 1977, Ed Kaufmann became the leader of Mature Services and took a struggling, startup nonprofit to a multi-service organization that empowers seniors to thrive in our community.  He led the organization until his death in 2011.  His legend lives on today in the mission of VANTAGE Aging (formerly Mature Services).  

Dr. Schwartz remarked, "I am thankful for all of the teams with whom I work.  Many people at CSS help older adults in numerous aspects of their lives to make the aging process more manageable. We allow people to defy the odds and live long, healthy lives." 

Congratulations, Dr. Schwartz!  We appreciate to lead the way in providing high quailty mental health services for older adults.