The Art of Recovery

Apr 01, 2016

By Community Support Services

Since 1988, Community Support Services has provided an array of mental health services for persons living with severe and persistent mental illnesses (i.e. schizophrenia).  As part of the organization’s efforts to break down the stigma still attached to mental illness, Community Support Services has launched an annual art event where clients of the organization are able to share their talents with the community. 

The Art of Recovery was held Thursday, March 10, 2016 at Greystone Hall.  More than 30 pieces of art were on exhibition during the fundraiser. One artist tearfully stated, “I can’t believe my artwork is on view for others to see.  I never thought this was possible. I am so happy.” 

While most of the artists have created art on their own, some have been involved with Community Support Service’s newest program, art therapy.  In 2015, Community Support Services hired an art therapist in an effort to further support the use of art as part of the healing process.  Many of the pieces on exhibition were created by persons who are participating in the agency’s art therapy program.  The clients who are participating in the art therapy program have reported an increased self-confidence as well as connectedness through the socialization of the art therapy group.

The Art of Recovery was made possible through the generous support of many sponsors including Akron General/Cleveland Clinic, Seibert Keck, and the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation.  Without the support of these and the other generous sponsors, the celebration would not have been possible.   In addition to the artwork, the guests were treated to music by three local bands:  The Brick Road Ramblers, Version: Mary, and Collideascope.  


Photo from the Art of Recovery    Art of Recovery photo