Ending Homelessness in Summit County

Aug 03, 2016

By Community Support Services

On Friday, July 15th, Community Support Services, in conjunction with Testa Companies, announced the Grand Opening of The Commons at Madaline Park II. Heartfelt speeches were given by various members of the community including Mayor Horrigan and organizations involved, followed by a ribbon cutting and tours of the facility.

The facility hosts sixty one-bedroom apartments with a full bathroom and kitchen, and being situated on a hill, it also offers its residents an amazing view of Akron. Thirty of the apartments are reserved for for the chronically homeless who have one or more of the following characteristics: physical, mental or developmental disabilities; alcohol and or substance abuse problems; HIV / AIDS and related diseases or other persons / households that qualify under the HUD Shelter Plus Care Program. Of the remaining units, twenty-four are designated for those with chronic mental illness or other multiple co-occurring disabilities and six units are designated for low-income veterans in Summit County.

Community Support Services and its partners are committed to ending homeless in Summit County through innovative projects such as the Commons at Madaline Park II.

Photo of the Commons at Madaline Park

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