A Foundation of Hope for the Homeless


Jun 30, 2016

By Community Support Services

On a recent early Friday morning, the Homeless Outreach staff of Community Support Services were on foot looking to connect with individuals living in the shadows.   For some, homelessness has become a way of life.  For others, they are new to the streets.  Through its outreach efforts, Community Support Services hopes to develop a relationship with individuals who are homeless.  As staff locate individuals, they are encouraged to stop by the Homeless Outreach center to do their laundry, take a shower, and have a cup of coffee.  As relationships develop, it is possible to begin to have a discussion about barriers to housing.   The staff can offer necessary supports to secure financial assistance, medical coverage and referrals to community agencies. If mental health or substance abuse services are needed, individuals can be connected with the appropriate agency.

In Summit County, there are, on average, 500 adults who are homeless at any given time.  There are nearly 140 adults in Summit County who are considered to be "chronically homeless" which means they have been homeless for more than 1 year.  

Community Support Services is committed to helping to reduce homelessness in Summit County.  A current client working with Homeless Outreach shared, "Homeless Outreach offers dignity to those of us who are homeless.  A cup of coffee, use of a phone, shower, clean clothes, and competent staff.  It has built a foundation of hope for me."