Youth donates honey proceeds to CSS

Feb 17, 2023

Authored by: Community Support Services

We recently were honored by a visit from the Waldeck family, who we first met two years ago. At that time, 12-year-old Isaac made a generous donation to CSS from the proceeds he earned at his company, Provision Honey.

Isaac became concerned about homelessness at age 5 when he saw people living on the streets in Chicago during a family trip, and now he donates all the proceeds from his company to charities that aid men and women dealing with homelessness.

During the recent visit, Isaac was joined by Dad, Kent; mom, Kristy, and brothers Harrison, 8, and Cyrus, 5, on a tour of CSS facilities. He then presented the generous $2,000 gift to our Homeless Outreach Center.

We're so grateful for the support of Isaac and his family! Find out more about Isaac and his business here.