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The Benefit of Community-Based Services

Nov 20, 2015
People with severe and persistent mental illness need access to treatment, rehabilitation, and support services within the community. These services can be provided through a variety of social,…
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Ending Homelessness: Housing First Model

Oct 15, 2015
Housing First and Permanent Supportive Housing The goal of housing first is to quickly connect homeless individuals with permanent housing without preconditions.  Homelessness is a housing crisis…
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Behind the Scenes Look at Performance Improvement

Aug 31, 2015
5 Things Performance Improvement Does to Ensure Quality When you think of Performance Improvement and Compliance (PIC), what first comes to your mind?For some, compliance can bring about feelings of…
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The Role of Nursing Today

Aug 25, 2015
The following job description was given to nurses in 1887: In addition to caring for your 50 patients, each nurse will follow these regulations: Daily sweep and mop the floor, dust the patient’s…
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